Bjørn Aarland, Harstad en


My name is Bjørn Aarland and I am 43 years old. I have struggled with obesity for most of my life. The last 25 years have been a constant battle against the pounds. I trained a bit, but it only speeded up my metabolism. So a couple of years ago I hit a brick wall when it came to training. This only brought on more problems, damaged knees, that eventually required surgery. Things got so bad that I unconsciously stood with my back to the mirror when I got out of the shower so that I didn’t have to look at myself. I started to think that now is the time to do something about this! This cannot go on. I began investigating online, and chatted a bit with others who had been through gastric bypass surgery. I found and made contact. I had several conversations with Mona and finally I decided to go through with the surgery. The date approached 27 / 4/16. I went to Riga. I was met at the airport and driven to the hotel. I was there one night and was then taken to the clinic. I was greeted by super pleasant nurses. I had an incredibly good stay at the clinic and was taken good care of! Today, four and a half months, post-op., life has completely changed. Everyday is happiness. Enjoy what happens to your body. It cannot be described in words.

So BIG thanks to Mona and


Four and a half months later

* This is feedback from our former patients, and such an outcome cannot be guaranteed or promised .