Weight loss surgery abroad? Safe, prompt appointment system, professional and reasonably priced.

We understand that bariatric surgery can be a difficult choice.

Every person suffering from an obesity problem is looking for bariatric surgery and the best qualified surgeon. Many are also uncertain about being in a hospital located in another country, obesity surgery abroad can seem daunting. We understand your concerns, but we can assure you that our clinic guarantees you that you will be satisfied with the obesity surgery when you come to us. We can guarantee you, because we have the best and most experienced surgical team in Europe. Our surgeons are the most qualified within obesity surgery in the Baltics. We also guarantee that we’ll follow you up for 5 years after completion of the bariatric surgery, this mean that your patient coordinator can be contacted up to 5 years after surgery if there are any questions you want to talk about.

BASIC INSURANCE – included in the basic surgical package

Liability insurance from your doctor is included in the basic Gastric Sleeve, Gastric Bypass and Pouch Resizing surgery package. This means that the hospital has liability for additional medical procedures that must be done in Riga, up to 6 months after surgery, and it covers costs up to 30,000 Euro. This insurance applies in cases where the surgeon is to blame for any complications, and will cover any re operations, other treatments etc, if there is evidence that the surgeon in Riga made a mistake.

When you read the patient information document we send to you, when you are considering having obesity surgery in Riga, you will see that potentially there is a risk of shorter postoperative and longer postoperative complications. Based on our experience, it can be up to 2-3% of patients with complications after they have returned to Norway, and that 97-98% of patients do not get any complications. From experience, these 2-3% of cases with complications, happen from around a few days – and up to 2 weeks after your return. If it happens that a person gets a fever, pain or the like, they should immediately contact their GP / hospital at home and seek help there. The public system in Norway is obliged to assist all for free, and it does not matter if you’ve had surgery in Norway or abroad.

If it transpires that a mistake has been made by the surgeon in Riga, and surgery has had to be performed elsewhere in order to correct the complication after weight loss surgery in Riga, then the basic surgery package price, of 58.900,-NOK is returned to the patient. For the record, CRP (which measures an infection in the body) values may be higher than normal at discharge from the hospital. A raised CRP cannot be blamed on e doctor / hospital, this is because it is a Worldwide and European practice to discharge patients from hospitals after operations for obesity with higher CRP. This is just the body’s response to the operation, and it SHOULD return to normal.


So far we have never had a case where this insurance has been applied, because the surgeon and his team are very experienced, but it’s good to know that such liability exists, and you get it at no extra charge.

In current practice, it is common that ‘basic’ insurance only covers any additional operations, etc., because of the complications that have arisen because the surgeon has made mistakes, and it is the same practice that patients receive in hospitals here in Norway.

Unfortunately, obesity in Norway is very widespread at present and many are struggling to reduce their weight.

Unfortunately it is a fact that obesity is prevalent in Norway. Many may have struggled for years with these excesses. You go down a few kilos, are super happy, but, unfortunately, this doesn’t last and you’re back where you started, plus perhaps with a few extra kilos. This is very frustrating, and that’s when many begin to think about bariatric surgery abroad. Some are probably skeptical about this, and it’s something one can understand, because unfortunately there are some disreputable operators on the market. We are a very serious clinic, we see many patients, and the number keeps growing. Many of our former patients are willing and ready to share their experiences. These are patients who have struggled with obesity or extreme obesity, and who chose to have bariatric surgery with us. All of them are very satisfied, both with the treatment they received in Riga and the actual operation. Many people write to us afterwards asking us to send a greeting to the hospital and to thank them for the care they received and for the respect and humility they show for those who go there as patients. Of course this is just as important as the operation itself. A person must feel cared for and feel safe. These are the moments we are striving for all the time, because we think that this is a matter of course, and although we are good at this, we’re constantly trying to make things better, we are so pleased when we get this positive feedback from our patients.

Do something about your obesity now. Contact us, we’ll be happy to help.