May-Lisbeth Solheim Hansen, Tjøme

I’ve always struggled with a few too many kilos, but I’ve also exercised a lot, so it has not been a major problem for my health.
This changed when I was diagnosed with Hypothyroidism (under active thyroid) and depression. I gained quite a few kilos which were impossible to get rid of. I was also quite inactive. I contacted Romiel after I read an ad on the Internet. The surgeons suggested that a gastric balloon would be the right treatment for me. I know Latvia pretty well and was not afraid to receive health care in this country. This was confirmed when I got to the clinic. I experienced a first rate service at the hospital and the surgeon and medical staff were very capable and accommodating. I felt confident throughout the process. The surgery was performed in May 2014 and after the procedure, I began to lose weight quickly. I lost 18 kilos in total. Simultaneously with the reduction in weight, I started exercising more and my health has improved. Since this is a non-surgical intervention and you go back to “normal” after the balloon is removed, it is important not to fall back into old habits. I have gone up a few kilos, but remain well especially when I am careful with food intake and exercise. Now I enjoy being able to exercise and participate in different races and am able to stay in good health. My mood is much better and life in general is clearly lighter.

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* This is feedback from our former patients, and such an outcome cannot be guaranteed or promised .