Mona Karlsson – Patient Coordinator

Hi there, my name is Mona and I am very proud to say that I am a Patient Coordinator at Overvekts Operasjoner Riga. I’ve also had a Gastric Bypass with our outstanding Surgeon and am absolutely delighted with the whole experience. I lost my weight and slimmed down to my target weight within the first year! I would like to guide and help you with your special journey based upon my own experience of weight loss surgery.
I look forward to hearing from you.

Dr. Igors Troickis – Leading Bariatric Surgeon, 25 years experience, over 500 procedures annually

A highly acknowledged surgeon, with 25 years experience in general surgery and over 12 years experience in bariatric surgeries.

Head of Surgery Department at Riga hospital.
The surgeon performs over 500 procedures annually.
· Gastric Bypass, Mini Gastric Bypass
· Gastric Sleeve, Gastric Band removal
· Revisional Bariatric Surgery

Gastric Balloon  BMI 27+
Gastric Sleeve  BMI 30+
Gastric Bypass  BMI 35+

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10 Reasons to choose us

Efficient appointment system

We will endeavour to accommodate your needs when arranging appointments. Our surgeon will review your medical documentation and health questionnaire to assess your suitability for a surgical procedure, we then aim to offer you an acceptance for surgery date within one to two weeks.

A private contemporary surgical centre

Our clinic is designed to emulate the most modern medical institutions in Europe. Hotel style accommodation is offered, with a flat screen television, wifi and air conditioning to ensure a comfortable stay. There is the opportunity for a friend or a member of your family to stay with you in your private room, if necessary.

Extremely experienced surgeons and medical team

Our senior surgeon, who specializes in bariatric surgery, has over ten years experience in this field, and twenty five years experience in general surgery. The medical staff and surgeons have vast experience and knowledge.

Finest quality surgical equipment

The equipment we use is of the highest proven quality, it is supplied by: Storz, Johnson & Johnson, Ethicon and Covidien. We have opened four new operating theatres, which have been designed and equipped to the highest standard.

5 year follow up

We offer a five year follow up programme for patients who have undergone Gastric Sleeve or Gastric Bypass surgery and a one year follow up programme for patients with a Gastric Balloon. Our patient coordinator will be available to answer questions via email or telephone.

Half the price of Norway surgical treatment

With us you get the same (or an even better) service than that of a private clinic in Norway, for half the price. For approximately half the cost, we can offer a similar or a better service than most private clinics in Norway.

English speaking medical personnel

Our doctors, nurses and the other medical personnel speak English fluently.

Twenty four hour care

Medical care, given by doctors and nurses, is available on a twenty four hour basis.

Direct flights from Norway to Riga

There are direct flights from the Norway to Riga (RIX)., Norwegian Air fly from Oslo, Trondheim and Bergen. Wizz Air fly from Sandefjord. Flight connections are also available from the rest of Norway through hub in Oslo.

Surgeon’s liability insurance

A Surgeon’s liability insurance of 30 000 Euro is provided for the bariatric surgeons operating at our clinic.

BMI Range

Enter your body profile details to calculate the result.

BMI Range
Very Obese
From 35 and Above
From 30 to 34.9
From 25 to 29.9
From 18.5 to 24.9
From 16 to 18.4
Very Underweight
From 15 and Below
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Latvia became a member of the European Union in 2004.

Of the three Baltic States, Riga, the capital of Latvia, is the largest city. As a city break destination, Riga has grown steadily in popularity due to its charm and sophistication. Whether you travel, by foot, tram or trolleybus you can see beautiful Art Nouveau-style buildings in stark contrast to the architecture from the Soviet Union days. The cobbled streets of Riga Old Town (dating back to 1201) house ancient buildings, for example, Riga Castle (the Latvian History Museum and Foreign Art Museum are located here), the Three Brothers houses and the Riga Dome Cathedral. Latvians are renowned for being musical, so enjoy the experience of visiting one of the many Latvian bars, many of which have live music and relax with a Latvian beer.

Recommended places of interest are the medieval castle in Cesis, the ‘Baltic Riviera’ or visit the rapids on the River Gauju. White sandy beaches stretching for 500 kilometres make the Baltic coastline unique with its biosphere reserves and national parks. The most frequently visited beaches can be found in Liepaja, Ventspils and Jurmala (Jurmala is just half an hour train journey from Riga), however secluded , quiet and beautiful beaches can be found along the coast, Pine forests, unspoilt countryside, fresh, clean air and an abundance of friendly, interesting villages makes Latvia the place to visit.

The official language of Latvia is Latvian. Russian, English, German and various other languages are also spoken throughout the country. The weather in Latvia can be unpredictable, however we have wet, moderate winters and warm, sunny summers. Spring and autumn are particularly beautiful. Average temperatures in summer range from 17-25 degrees Celcius and winter minus 4-minus 10 degrees.