Katrine Stenshjemmet, Årnes, Nes i Akershus

Hi! I am a 28 year old girl residing in Årnes.

I have been trying to lose weight with the help of exercise, food, tablets, powders, shakes, yes, everything for a long time! But to no avail.

I contacted Mona in March (2016), when I was so desperate for help. I then had a BMI of 46.2.

I got a prompt response and I was referred to Riga for gastric bypass surgery. I was operated on in May 2016, and I’m so happy! No problems at all after the surgery. I’ve got a new life!

Life is much easier, I smile and can finally accept myself. It is eleven months since I had my surgery and I have already lost 65 kg. In 13 months! I now have a BMI of 25.6.

Thanks to Mona, my patient coordinator and overvekts-operasjoner.no who turned my life around.

patient review katrine2

Four months later
patient review katrine3

Eleven months later
patient review katrine4

* This is feedback from our former patients, and such an outcome cannot be guaranteed or promised .