Kine Andresen, Østfold

Life choices, best I have ever made! After many a year of yo yo dieting I realised that I needed a fresh start, and in order to do this I knew I needed help to implement my new lifestyle. I chose to contact Overvekts Operasjoner Riga and got an immediate response the very same day! I then booked for my Gastric Bypass. Fantastic lovely people! As for the treatment from the team in Riga! Incredible superb treatment. Within 3.5 months of my surgery I had dropped 22.5 Kgs and my body is in better condition already. My blood results are so much better! Cholesterol levels are back to normal and my health age matches my true age! Never had one regret.

3.5 months later

* This is feedback from our former patients, and such an outcome cannot be guaranteed or promised .