Tone O. Steen, Brekstad

Hello guys! I am a 29 year old woman. I have 2 children and a roommate!

I’ll try to tell you about my journey into an easier life … So here goes 🙂
I am like, many, many others in this country, really all over the world to be more precise!

I’m overweight, morbidly obese.

For many years, ever since elementary school, I have tried to lose weight. During the first year of high school, I applied for weight loss surgery… by then I was so depressed and so tired of failing constantly. I had very poor self-esteem and everything that goes with it! But the answer I received was no. I was refused surgery. I did not know whether to laugh or cry…

I tried all sorts of diets and slimming aids. The doctor even wrote out prescriptions for me, sometimes they worked sometimes they didn’t. As soon as I stopped the diets the weight continued to rise. So I’d start to diet again, each time I stopped I would weigh more than I did before.

In 2010 I became a mother for the first time. My weight did not go up as much during pregnancy, however afterwards it did!! So, in October 2010, I signed up for grete roede (a type of diet) courses. It went so well. I continued doing this for over a year because I managed to lose weight. My weight had decreased by 40kg! I was both proud and happy. I was overweight yes, but I felt so good!

However it was not long before the kilos began to creep back on. I became pregnant again in 2014 and had my second child in June 2015. Once again I struggled with increasing weight, poor self-esteem, etc.

After much thought, I decided to have weight loss surgery. The cost of the surgery would be covered by the state, but I simply could not wait much longer. I decided to pay for the surgery myself and have private care.

I read the information on the internet and got in touch with Katrine. It would prove to be my way to a new and better life! A few weeks later I decided to have the operation. So, on 2nd January 2017, I went with a girlfriend to Riga, for gastric bypass surgery.

Today, about 4 months following my surgery, I have lost nearly 30kg! Is not my goal, but I feel much better. This time I’ll do it, and with the help from 🙂

So, to the rest of you out there who like me have tried everything over the years, please contact, and ask them every question you have. I recommend going to Riga, good people who take good care of you from start to finish :).


Four months later

* This is feedback from our former patients, and such an outcome cannot be guaranteed or promised .