Why Bariatric Surgery is an option?

Obesity is one of the main diseases of our century, it can significantly influence the quality and duration of life.

Luckily, medicine and surgery are improving and you can ask your doctor to find the best solution for you. Bariatric or weight loss surgery, consists of a variety of methods, which have their own pros and cons. Usually, when it comes to discussing benefits, all types of surgeries include:

– Improvement of associated diseases, like sleep apnoea, type 2 diabetes, arthritis and high blood pressure;

– Lower risk of cancer, according to SOARD (Surgery for obesity and related diseases);

– Increased fertility and less complications during pregnancy;

– Improvement of lower knee, back and head pain;

– Increase in overall quality of life.

Together with these obvious benefits, bariatric surgery can help make your day brighter and easier:

– You will fit into any chair or aisle, without the need of an extra seat or space;

– You won’t need an extender belt on a plane;

-You will be able to cross your legs, tie shoelaces and do yoga as and when you want;

– You won’t feel embarrassed when asking for larger sized clothes;

– You can take pictures with pleasure;

– You won’t sweat even after a short walk.

The list of situations, which can affect your life, may well be endless. But luckily there is a simple way out. You should consult your doctor and discuss the most suitable surgery according to your personal condition and needs.

So why is bariatric surgery an option?

The surgery itself is not a panacea and every patient should pay extra attention to nutrition. The operation can be conducted for many reasons:

– It restricts the number of calories or minimizes consumption (depending on the type of surgery you choose);

– It gives a feeling of fullness from a lower quantity of food, so that you eat less;

– It reduces the production of the hunger hormone;

– It makes you eat more healthy food by causing nausea as a response to sugar or carbohydrates;

– It helps you lose weight over a short period of time.

It would be a mistake not to mention that the patient will have to go through misunderstanding and judgement, tough periods of food addiction and adjustment to a new regime. Bariatric surgery gives a solution to those, who have already failed to lose weight in a traditional way. Bariatric operations are a sort of constraint: they help you lower the ties with food, while you struggle to lose weight. As the time passes and the first results appear, it will be easier for you to exercise, eat healthy food, reduce or stop medication and fight sleep apnoea.